Changed date and venue for next meeting

Tony writes:
The date of the next meeting was set for next Wednesday, 22nd April.  Unfortunately I have found out today that the only Committee Room we can now have at the Civic Centre only accommodates 20 people, which is not enough.  Most of the rooms have been block-booked for the General Election so there are no dates next week or the week after that they can offer us instead, and this is unlikely to change much between now and May.
I have contacted Dorset Road and they have kindly agreed to accommodate us, but they cannot do so on Wednesday evenings, so I’m afraid we will have to switch to a Tuesday instead.  To give as much notice as possible we have therefore moved the meeting to the following week so it will now be on Tuesday 28th April.
I am sorry about this as I know the new date will be inconvenient to some of you but the change is unavoidable – the Council’s needs for the rooms takes precedence over ours.