Minutes of the meeting held on 28 April 2015

1 Apologies for absence
Received from Hook Farm, Sheila Brown, Mary Cooke, Dorothy Mann, Pauline Ramus, Dee West, and Messrs Douglas, Griffiths, Jansen, Mason and Sargent.
The Chairman welcomed Keith Edwards (Lower Road) to his first meeting.
2 Minutes of previous meeting
Minutes of the meeting held on 28 January 2015 were agreed and signed.
3 Matters arising
The leak to the water supply pipe at Halls Farm had been repaired eventually by Thames Water although it was unclear why it had accepted responsibility. Associations were advised to note the location of their supplies and read the meter themselves as a check. The Chairman confirmed that the potential development of Bull Lane for a new school had been addressed at the Panel and will continue to be raised. The Association advised that an action group had been set up – website address bulllaneactiongroup.org. In addition plot holders were seeking to have the site designated as a community asset.
4 Chairman’s Report
The Chairman reported that the transfer of the Parks and Greenspace service to The Landscape Group (TLG) had gone through the full approval process and the transfer would take effect on 1 June. The team with whom we currently deal at Bromley would be transferred to TLG although the Council’s tree service will remain within the Council. The Chairman was pressing for an early meeting with representatives of TLG.
5 Secretary’s Report
There was nothing to report which was not covered under other tender items.
6 Treasurer’s Report
The Treasurer reported a balance of £2104.64 in the deposit account, £7696.55 in the current account and cash of £17.68.
The balance in the Competition account was £951.28, and in the Reception account £983.26.
19 Associations had already made their payment of rent etc. (compared with 20 at the same time last year).
7 Matters brought forward / for review
ii) WC Provision on sites – The Southlands Road WC had finally been approved by the building inspector after 3 years. Bourne Vale has received a lottery grant for provision of a composting WC. Lower Road had now installed a composting WC, including provision for use by the disabled, for only £2,500.
iii) Waiting lists and vacancies – The list was circulated for updating at the meeting.

8 Competition and Reception
Marion Spicer had contacted, by email, all associations who have recently taken part in the competition regarding the committee proposals for this year’s reception. Only 1 association had responded, but it appeared that some had not received the email. It was agreed to go ahead with the reception proposals including the booking of Crofton Hall. The Secretary would recirculate Marion’s email for information.
Competition judging would take place between 29 June and 3 July from early morning to lunchtime. Sites without a standard number 7 key will have to provide a key/padlock code or be in attendance from 8am.
2015 is also the 50th anniversary of the Federation and its predecessor the Amalgamated Allotments Associations. Ideas for celebrating this would be welcome. Steven Tickner will consider whether and if so how TLG might be involved.
9 Site management issues
None were raised.
Associations’ Reports
Beck Lane – Have obtained trees from the Woodland Trust for boundary’s etc. – it is worth risking the website. Tress can be supplied free, as whips.
Poverest – A number of vacancies – have advertised on the community board in Tesco and received a good response.
Farnborough Hill – Plant sale on 3 May 10am – 12pm. 5 day trip to Bournemouth arranged. Barbeque to be held on 13 June at 5.30pm – all welcome. Coach trip to Bologne arranged on 30 September at a cost of £35 – members to contact Sheila Simner if interested.
Kent House LG – Trees on site require felling. The Council’s contractor had visited on the day of the Federation meeting but there may be difficulty in that the trees are too large for them to be chipped.
Dorset Road – Discovered that Bromley holds the site only on a 999 year lease – efforts were being made to trace the freeholder. Open day to be held 17 May.
Beckenham and District – All sites are almost fully let. A plot holder at the Alders had felled a mature oak tree – the association’s Chairman had contacted Bromley who will investigate.
11 Horticultural issues
None were raised.
12 Any other business
Associations were asked whether any of them had a member who can repair power mowers. Members suggested shops which may be able to undertake this, but some had been quoted as much as £150 for servicing and minor repairs.
Best wishes were passed to Tom Douglas who was still unwell.

• Thursday 25 June 2015 – 7.30pm at Dorset Road Site
• Tuesday 8 September