Notes to Association and Competition Secretaries

Please read carefully

For a full list of classes and rules with entry forms, follow this link.


  • Associations may enter as many plots as they like in each class but must ensure that each plot entered is of sufficiently high standard to be worth judging. Associations are responsible for making the final assessment that plots are worthy to be judged.
  • Competitors should be given a copy of the entry form so that they can describe their use of organic practices or other factors which affect their gardening.
  • Each entered plot must be indicated with a competition card (available from the Federation), which should show the name of the site, the plot number, the class entered and nothing else. The cards are to be displayed at the front of the plot and above the height of adjacent crops. It would help greatly if the exact area of the plot could be marked out to avoid confusion between internal and external paths and to delineate the area of flowers to be judged in the Crask Cup.


  • Competitors entering a plot in the Champion of Champions, Cliff Uden, Douglass, Jean Brooks, Norman Overton and Peter Tomlin classes may also enter it in the Crask Cup, if so desired. In all other cases separate plots are required for entry in separate classes.
  • In the Crask cup, it is primarily the floral element that is judged but it is assumed that the rest of the plot will be of an appropriate standard.
  • It is expected that paths will conform roughly to the 18” standard width. Except in the Peter Woods Cottage Garden cup, large areas of grass on a plot will detract from the number of points awarded.



  • Certificates will be awarded to all entrants achieving 60 marks or more. Strictly speaking, if a plot is not good enough to gain more than sixty points (ie a minimum of two thirds of the plot is of a good standard), it should not have been entered. However few entries in a class, the cup will only be awarded if a plot reaches an acceptable standard. Certificates will be awarded as follows: Merit 60-74 points; Bronze 75-79; Silver 80-84; Silver-Gilt 85-89; Gold: 90-100


Entry Forms

  • Please complete an entry form for every plot entered, clearly stating, where necessary, which plot is being entered for which class.
  • Competitors’ names and addresses should be listed on the appropriate sheet to be submitted with the entry forms. Please write clearly in block capitals.
  • Entries for the Brian Buckley Wine Award, Bromley Beekeepers Trophy and Peter Springall Memorial Cup should also be recorded on the Competitors Name List.


Awards Reception

All competitors and secretaries of sites entering the competition are automatically invited, with a guest, to the Awards Reception 24th September.. Please use the space on the Competitors Name List form to indicate how many people will be attending and send the contribution, £7.50 per person, with the list.

Other site officials and plot holders are also invited, with guest, but will be accepted on a first come first served basis after all the competitors have been accommodated. Names and money can be submitted in the same way as for competitors.

Submission of Entries

  • When submitting entries, make sure that the site name, plot numbers and classes are written onto the Competitors Name List. Please give competitors’ telephone number or email if possible.
  • The ticket price for the Reception is £7.50 per person. Please make cheques payable to BALGF.
  • Please submit a site plan with your entry and make sure that the site is accessible on the day of judging. Site secretaries will be notified, as far as is possible, when to expect the judges.
  • Entry forms for all classes, competitors’ address lists, site plan, reception monies, and wines should be sent to Ms Marion Spicer, BALGF,  8 The Avenue,  Bromley,  Kent  BR1 2BT.    020 8464 5323
  • The closing date for entries is Sunday 21st No entries can be accepted after that date. Horticultural judging will take place Monday 29th June to Friday 3rd July from 8am to noon each day.Dates to be decided for Honey cup but Honey entries should be submitted by 8th September.