Web site changes

Last night Tony, Clive & I discussed making some changes to this site.  While the links for putting people who want plots in touch with site secretaries has been working well enough, nothing has happened for years with the posting of documents such as BALGF minutes, which is partly to do with wanting to make it clearer that access to such documents will be restricted.

In fact, these have never been accessible to all and sundry, since they will sometimes include individuals’ names, even though never email or postal addresses.  However, now, we have added a menu item which will you will only see once you have logged on as a member. For these log in details, you should contact your site secretary.  It’s the same for everyone, and is easy to remember, so it’s no big secret – just a level of security to get out web bots, etc.

We’re also changing the way information is put up, so when there’s a Word document sent out by the BALGF secretary, that will be uploaded just as it is to the site, and a link put in for downloading it.

Finally, we’re starting to require phone numbers and addresses when people submit messages to sites – e.g. requests to go on waiting lists – but this needs some editing for all 50+ sites, and I’ve not quite done it yet!